We uphold the principle of "quality first, service first, customer first" business philosophy to uphold the principle of "quality first, service first, customer first"。

Foreign sales manager
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Job Responsibilities:

1, using a variety of e-commerce platform developed clients.

2, collaborative attend the Canton Fair, foreign professional exhibition development clients.

3, a deep understanding and analysis of customer needs, recommend suitable products or feasibility of the program, trying to win orders.

4, followed by a single arrangement to the production orders, production shipping process follow up, good shipment delivery, the timely recovery of loan and other related work.

5, responsible for customer and product information on a variety of archiving work.

6, efforts to complete the annual sales target company policy.



1. Bachelor degree or above, foreign trade English or international trade related, while fluent in Russian, Spanish preferred.

2, six more than English majors, can be trained to use spoken language to communicate with foreign customers.

3, the attitude: active, optimistic humble, honest responsible, bold but cautious, teamwork.

4, physique: hard-working, the courage to act, under pressure, willing to challenge.

5, with analysis of customer problems, seize the product advantages, the advantages and disadvantages of customer needs refining conversion capacity sales requirements.

6, there is an independent capability to develop large customer, the customer sales process, driven by sales mental grasp, sales skills a plus.

7, there is a lithium battery applications experience is preferred.